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Our Working Group

The Working Group Astroparticle Physics

Group picture of the working group in 2023 © Maximilian Linhoff ​/​ TU Dortmund
Group picture of the working group in 2023

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dr. Rhode and PD Dr. Domink Elsässer, our research and teaching focuses on the field of astroparticle physics. Our work covers different subfields of astroparticle physics. Our interests range from ghostly neutrinos to very-high-energy photons and radio astronomy as well as numerical simulations and theoretical calculations.

We combine the exciting challenges of astrophysics, particle physics and data science. In close collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines, we develop modern methods of data processing, analysis and machine learning and apply them to data across the electromagnetic spectrum and in the neutrino regime. We participate in large international collaborations and take leading roles in CTA, MAGIC, FACT and IceCube.

The working group also includes students whose theses provide exciting and valuable research contributions. In joint meetings, we exchange information about our individual work and learn from each other. Even outside the regular meetings, there is always someone who can offer help with questions.